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Hi all! I’m back, married and moved into a new place. Now, I’m ready to write a long overdue app review. While I was busy with those exciting experiences, I was thankful for one specific feature of the Google Play store: I didn’t have to manually update my apps. Instead, I just set it to automatic updates and my phone maintained itself. The only downside of this is that I don’t always know what bug fixes or new features my apps have received without clicking on each individual app’s update in the Play Store. One way of remedying this is with Changelog Droid.

Changelog Droid has a few simple, but very useful features. The reason I use it the most is to see what updates I have received. Upon opening the app, I can scroll through a list with all of the recent changes to my installed apps. It also shows any apps that are waiting to be updated by swiping to the right.

Changelog Droid    Screenshot_2014-07-03-13-11-10     Screenshot_2014-07-03-13-11-18

The second part of the app uses your Play Store Wishlist. After setting it up to sync, you can track updates for apps you would like to buy, but haven’t yet. With only these few simple features, I am able to cut out the tediousness of checking the Play Store for updates and can leave my phone fully automated.

In addition to those features, Changelog Droid has a clean, user-friendly interface and runs very smoothly. If you find yourself always wondering what changes have been made to your apps, this is a must-have.

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