Top 5 Anime Powers

Top 5 Best Powers in Anime

This list compiles my favorite super powers of all the anime I have watched. I look at what the power is, how unique it looks, and its implication in a fight. I honestly didn’t pick anything from the Dragonball series simply because in an all out fight, almost every character in it could simply destroy the planet and, well, that’s just not fair.

Honorable Mention – Bleach – Ichigo, Getsuga Tenshou

Getsuga_Tenshou_2.pngNothing says power like a huge spirit sword and the soul stamina of a 100 soul reapers. Ichigo Kurasaki is the beloved substitute soul reaper whose power has no true equal. His moves lack the artistry of many of the captains of the Soul Society, but what he lacks in finesse he more than makes up for in speed and power.

5. Omamori Himari – Yuuto, Light Ferry

LightFerryFireswordYuuto is Himari’s charge. She must protect him from the many demons and dark brotherhoods that might come after him. However, Yuuto isn’t entirely helpless. He has his demon slayer family inheritance, the Light Ferry. This ability can turn any object into something with immense power that can kill demons. When you look at the utility of this ability, think of what you could do. Oh look, there is a demon, what can I do? I only have this paper towel roll to combat them. Then use Light ferry to clean up the mess. It’s not the most artistic, it simply glows gold, but it’s utility far outweighs the look.

4. Bleach – Byakuya, Senbonzakura

byakuya_kuchiki_by_petlefeuThe Kuchiki family is known for their resolve and power. Now enter the prodigal son, Byakuya. What he lacks in conversation he makes up for in cold, deadly skill. He has an excellent balance between strength and finesse. His main power is Senbonzakura where he dissolves his sword in thousands of pieces that seem to reflect like sakura pedals. However, they are really just thousands of tiny blades to eviscerate any and all who stand against him. It is the most beautiful and deadly move I have ever seen.



3. Elfen Lied – Diclonius, Vectors

lucyelfenleidThe Diclonius are the pink haired women of Elfen Leid, the killers of humanity. What they have are called vectors, a minimum of 2 invisible hands with infinite strength and varying range. The number of vectors and length depend on the Diclonius, but even the stubby ones can turn your body into anything from minced meat to a human bento box. You can’t see them, so there is no dodging, and with their mildly insane owners they can spell disaster for nay enemy.

2. High School DxD – Issei, Sacred Gear

isseiI thought I had a bad date once. At least my first date didn’t get me killed, turned into a demon, and forced to fight the likes of fallen angels, demons, and maybe even Satan himself. Issei’s power comes not only from his new demonic heritage, but also from a sacred gear that he was born with. His sacred boost gear, can unlimitedly double his power every ten seconds as long as he can take the pain. Combine that with the fact that he eventually gains the ability to transfer/combine his power to/with others. He once called a field of swords to kill an enemy by transferring his power with the power of another demon. He eventually gains the ability to create an impervious armor that makes him look like the god slayer they say he could become.

1. A Certain Magical Index – Accelerator, Vector Control

AcceleratorAccelerator is the codename for Ippo Tsuko. He is one of two level 5’s (level 6 being the highest) in Academic City. His ability is called vector control. He can manipulate any vector, light, force, wind, anything. So for instance, if a bad guy were to approach Tsuko and try to punch, he would only be punching himself as Tsuko has preprogrammed himself to reverse all vectors that touch him. It’s also why his hair is white at age 15. Can’t shoot him because he can manipulate the gun to backfire. He can jump incredibly high and far by manipulating the force he puts into his push-off the ground. The utility of this power is limitless. And the artistry doesn’t matter when you can do almost anything to anyone and everything. However, he does have some cool looking moves when he manipulates air into super bombs.

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