Tanner Bivens

1465199_10101038278213987_942597007_n-150x150Owner of Tanner Reviews

Host of The Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth

Co-Host of Tabletop for Two

My name is Tanner Bivens I am a  film critic and avid video game player from Roanoke Virginia, now residing in Athens Ohio. For as long as I can remember I have always had an opinion about something when it came to the realms of movies and video games. After graduating college I realized that it was time to put my thoughts into words for the people of the internet’s entertainment. I created the website Tanner Reviews over a year ago and to this day has been one of the best decisions of my life. I love what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Along with Brandon and Shaila, I am happy to be one of the founding members of The Nerd Realm. It is my hope that I bring my own unique brand of criticism to The Nerd Realm and give insight to the areas of film and video gaming. Please visit my website tannerreviews.com for more reviews as well as my web series The Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth and follow me on twitter @TannerReviews

Shaila Meeker

profilephotoOwner of Free App Maven

Owner of Neverending Reads

Co-Host of Tabletop for Two

Hi all. I’m Shaila and I’ve been a nerd all my life. I read anything I can get my hands on,  which leads to several stacks of books sitting around my house at any given time. I’m also passionate about technology and wanted a way to share the free software I discover, which led to the founding of Free App Maven. When I’m not checking out new apps or reading a book, you can often find me drinking mochas (I like to pretend I like coffee, but I really just love chocolate) and playing board games or video games with Brandon and Tanner.

I hope you all enjoy The Nerd Realm. We’d love to hear from you all anytime, so feel free to leave some comments or follow me on twitter @everydayshaila.

Brandon Lias

photoOwner of The Ultra Otaku

Co-Host of The Nerdiest Talk Show on Earth

Born and raised in Ohio, I have always been a fan of Japanese anime and manga art. I became inspired to learn about Japanese culture as I got to middle school and got my first taste of learning Japanese, even though 20 years later I still need quite a bit of learning. I am quite the anime enthusiast and culture consumer. Over the last few years, I have had more opportunities to learn about all of the cool and wonderful things that are Japan. My main focus is anime, JRPG’s, and culture that exists in Japan.

I can be found on Twitter @theultraotaku