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Been a week or so since I posted. I decided to take advice from twitter and watch Stein’s Gate. I always love suggestions, but watching 20 or more episodes is far beyond me, even though I totally would. So this review is of my current thoughts of the series, as I am on only the 4th episode.

Steins Gate is a sci-fi mystery anime based in Akihabara. A “mad” scientist, Rintarō Okabe, and his cohorts battle the “organization” who controls most of the world through invisible channels. To battle them, he spends his time creating inventions, hacking into other labs for information, and talking most sinister and world domination. During this process, Rintarō discovers he can send texts back in time.

Story/Pace – 8 Points

The overall pace of the episodes is pretty good. They push the plot and stick with it while adding new content. Then, when you finally think they have found something, the whole thing gets turned on its head. However, the first episode is wildly odd and seemingly without meaning. However, as I pushed past it, it got more interesting very quickly. I have been assured by those who have completed it that it will make sense at the end of the series.

Unique Qualities – 9 Points

Because this anime is about time travel, you run into a couple different issues. First, which theory of time are you using, and the second being the non linear plot you create will make it difficult for everyone to stay on board. However, I love time travel and it’s possibilities. Each story makes it unique and could turn at a moments notice for seemingly no reason at a glance.

Aesthetics – 8 points

The art is very nondescript. The anime is based in Akihabara, but I feel it lacks a little color and pizzaz you would expect from “Electric Town”. It doesn’t seem like there is enough hustle and bustle for that area. It meets the needs of the anime, which is most important.

Total Average: 8/10 Level: “Yoi”

Steins;Gate is an eccentric anime with a mysterious plot and time travel, in ways. The eccentric characters, the mind-blowing plot with hook you as long as you can keep up with it. I am heading back to watch more.

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