GosickCAThis is my number 3 of my top ten anime of all time which is up on my esteemed colleague in nerd Tanner Bivens’ site, tannerreviews.com.

Gosick is set in the fictional kingdom of Saubure, a European country somewhere near the alps. It chronicles the crazy adventures of two students at the St. Marguerite Academy. Kazuya, the third son of a Japanese imperial soldier (he says this a lot) and Victorique, an enigmatic girl who looks like a doll, never goes to class, reads several books at the same time (I counted seven in one scene), and solve mysteries that even the local law enforcement can’t seem to manage. The mysteries continue as they begin to learn more about each other and how Victorique is not your average girl.


Story – 9.5

I love mysteries which only favors this anime. You know she has solved it when she says, “The fragments of chaos have aligned”. What makes the story near perfect is that the show has a semi-set formula with enough room to through in character development and side plots. I only get frustrated when the end of the show comes and I get a cliffhanger that feels like having cold water dumped on me in the middle of winter. If you watch this anime, be warned, you won’t stop until the end. But it is worth it.

Cool Moves/Powers/Individuality – 9

As this section refers to powers or individuality of the show. I can’t say I have seen a detective drama with this unique perspective. A detective mastermind who never truly has to get her hands dirty to solve the case and a young man who wants nothing more than to protect someone he loves, no matter the cost. As the show continues, you learn that Victorique is not quite the little Sherlock we know and love. And, the twist ties in with both magic and science. My only thing is that there isn’t enough flash and cool animations that show her “power”.

Pace – 10

The pace of Gosick is amazing. Whenever there is a lull in the action, you either get comedy moments or Victorique gets herself, or most of the time Kazuya, into trouble. It is such an amazing balance between factors I can’t help but give it a perfect score.

Aesthetics – 8

The world is a bit meh in that it’s set between the world wars. It’s a cool place to have it, but there isn’t much in there you don’t expect. The art style is somewhat generic, but gets the job done. However, there are many beautiful scenes and moments in the anime. There just isn’t enough artistic flavor for me.

Additional Things – 8

The cliffhangers that make it so you can’t stop watching are a huge hurdle. I feel like there is no resolution in any episode until the case is solved, which usually takes three episodes. The minor lack of aesthetics is also a drawback if you like the flashier high-res animes.

Total – 44.5/50

This is one incredible anime. I love the story, I love the Sherlock like qualities to it. I wish it had a bit more flair and personality. It is definitely historically accurate, but I want a bit more. It also has excellence balance and pace, but I hate cliffhangers. They make it great for the binge-watcher, but hell for the average watcher.

I hope you enjoyed my review. If you have any comments or questions please post below or find me on twitter @theultraotaku.

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