Attack on Titan Review

Attack on Titan

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Attack on Titan is based in a world after the emergence of Titans that nearly wiped out humanity. Titans are huge monsters that care for nothing more than eating and killing humans. The remainder of human civilization lives behind three gigantic walls known as Walls Maria, Rose, and Sina, respectively. The walls have kept humanity safe for over a hundred years. Enter Eren Yeager, a young adventurous boy with high moral principles. One day, the titans reappeared as a colossal titan taller than Wall Maria kicked in the gate and nearly obliterated the citizens of the town Eren was from, including his mother. His father is assumed dead while visiting patients in nearby towns. He, and his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman, decide after this event to fulfill Eren’s dream and get vengeance against the titans by becoming a member of the Survey Corps.

Story/Pace – 9 Points

The story and pace are pretty good. Lots of depth to the characters, plot twists every 45 seconds, and all around decent endings to each episode. There are cliffhangers, naturally, but they are not as sudden as some. My only real complaint is the slow draw of information that comes about from every situation. If you watch this anime, you must be an awesome detective to catch-all of the references and foreshadowing in this thing. There are also many plot points that they leave open for several episodes at a time. Sometimes, they still haven’t even begun to clarify them.

Unique Qualities – 9 Points

Attack on Titan’s battles are certainly its most unique feature. The maneuver gear has built-in swords and a gas-powered pully system that launches its soldier across the rooftops or treetops to avoid and attack titans. These very unique environments and battling give the anime a step in a different direction than most. No power moves, just grit and fortitude.

Aesthetics – 9 points

The art and animation are very well done. The colors used provide the watcher with the idea of the very drab, routine, way of life humans live. The green and wings of the Survey Corps cloaks provide just enough difference to show their “freedom”, not that the wings on it don’t help push that idea more. The only thing I don’t like is how depressing it can get, and Eren’s reaction to it. He basically cries, sometimes gets angry enough to do something, but overall the feeling of helplessness kinda brings me down a bit. It is very much like what you would expect in a world like this, but I think it could use more grit and bear it rather than whining and crying.

Total Average: 9/10 Level: “Over 9000”

Attack on Titan is an incredibly good anime with a good story and unique battles. Be prepared for doing your homework if you plan on trying to keep up with the foreshadowing of each plot twist, but when it tells you, you will still find it surprising and gut wrenching (at times quite literally).

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