7 Reasons John Green is Awesome


This week marks the movie release of The Fault in Our Stars. I could not be more excited. So, I decided to declare this week John Green Week and re-read and review all of his books. To kick off the week, I want to start with what makes him awesome.

After only reading The Fault in Our Stars, I was ready to declare John Green my favorite author. Sure, I enjoyed the book, but that wasn’t the only reason, I could rank him so highly. I had already been watching his vlog and knew he was an impressive human being. Many things combined make him both an awesome person and author. Here’s why:

1. He writes impeccably well.

Seeing as he is known for his books, this list starts off with what makes him a great author. I love YA lit, but often the books I read don’t have standout language, symbolism or metaphors. John Green’s novels are one of the exceptions. He writes striking sentences that I can’t help but re-read and quote several dozen times and uses a healthy dose of metaphors that sometimes actually make me laugh out loud. When I’m not laughing, I’m either crying, mad, or happy. In every one of his books, he is able to make me feel a range of emotions that few books are able to achieve.

2. He wrote The Fault in Our Stars with good intentions.

When John Green was interviewed about TFIOS, he explained his idea behind it. He volunteered at a children’s hospital where he saw many sick kids. After getting to know many of them, he realized the books that were meant to capture their experiences only make kids with cancer look like “the other.” In reality, they are just kids like anyone else. They feel “funny and bright and angry and dark and just as human as anybody else,” so twelve years later he wrote a book that is able show them in this way. After reading TFIOS, I can say that he definitely captures this essence.

3. He’s relatable.

I’ve been following John Green on twitter and facebook for quite some time. During the filming of TFIOS, he posted a lot about being on set. One of the things I loved most was that he was just as starstruck as you or I would be. Knowing this makes him appear so wonderfully human. It’s cool to know that he can become famous and still get excited like the average person would.

4. He is a nerd, too.

As part of his Vlogbrothers channel that he records with his brother, they coined the term Nerdfighters. It basically means to consist entirely of awesome. ‘Nough Said.

5. He can’t remember character names.

I never remember the names of characters in the books I read or the movies I watch. It doesn’t matter if I love it or hate it, you can count on me to not have a clue who the main characters are in the book I just I read ten years ago or the one I just finished. It created quite a few problems when I was trying to discuss books in my English classes and was super frustrating, so it was nice to find out that my favorite author experiences the same struggle.

6. He’s a great role model for young adults.

He has a huge audience ranging from tweens to 80 somethings, but his books are aimed for young adults. These same readers also follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and his hugely popular vlog. On his vlog, he and his brother hank, in addition to promoting that nerds are awesome (See #4), talk about all sorts of things: life, neat facts, politics, you name it. This young adults someone to look up to and see that the world exists beyond cat videos and video games (not that those aren’t great things sometimes).

7. He cares about what matters.

In addition to being a great role model, his vlog showcases him as a generally good person. He cares about his family, friends and the issues that everyone else seems to ignore or at least not think about rationally. John and Hank talk through issues like American Health Care, LGBT rights, World Politics, and internet privacy. Rather than come from bias (though they do have their side), they try to educate the viewers, which is extremely rare in the media.

I could list a thousand more reasons, but instead I will recommend watching his Vlog and reading his books. John Green Week will continue tomorrow on neverendingreads.com with a review of The Fault in Our Stars.

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